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In the dining, we features three different dining experiences that suite all tastes and flavors & ambiance. You can also enjoy a delicious breakfast from the In Room Dining Menu, have a lunch at the garden and you can relish a nice family and friends gathering, a live cultural garden for dinner.

Traditional Indian at Hamdard Resort

Traditional Indian:

Indian cuisine in paradise hotel mainly consists of North indian food.It extensively uses dairy products like milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yoghurt (yogurt) which form the common ingredients.Food items includes a mouth watering vegetarian treat like mushroom kofta, chilly cheese, rajma chawal, malai kofta, dum aloo, dal makni, chana masala etc. Meal would consist of chapatis or rotis (unleavened bread baked on a griddle) or paranthas (unleavened bread fried on a griddle), rice and an assortment of assessories like dals, friend vegetables, curries, curd, chutney, and pickles.A variety of paranthas are available to experiance the overwhelming tatse For addons to a meal one can choose raitas and salads.

Gujrati Cuisine

Gujrati Cuisine

Traditionally a Gujarati thali comprise of rotli, kadhi or dal, rice, and shaak/sabzi. Some of the dishes are stir fred, while others are boiled. Gujarati food is more often served on a silver platter. ... People in Gujarat eat one or the other type of curry along with rice and roti in almost every meal.

Chinese Specialities

Chinese Specialities:

Mainly consist of chinese treats adapted to indian tastes using indian cooking techniques. Foods here are flavored with regional indian spice along with soya sauce, ginger and green onions in order to give delicious indian chinese cuisine. Food here in paradise mainly consists of variety in soups like vegetable soup,tomato soup etc, noodles like egg noodles, chicken noodles etc, chicken and pizza.